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About us

Through its subsidiaries, Mayoly is a family-owned, independent, French pharmaceutical and dermatological laboratory with an international footprint. For more than a century, it has successfully been growing its business with a focus on Gastroenterology and Dermocosmetics. Our French industrial heritage relies on our values of Responsibility, Pragmatism and Caring. We strive passionately and tirelessly to provide patients and people with the best possible healthcare daily, and aim to establish ourselves as a leader in Consumer Healthcare over the coming decades.

MAYOLY has a worldwide workforce of over 2,200 people, each and every one of them passionate and committed to everyday health and well-being. Our mission is to bring benefits to patients and  people, by offering effective, reliable and accessible healthcare and well-being solutions.

This has been our commitment for over 100 years.

Our manufacturing expertise, respect for the environment, our presence in over 100 countries, our world-renowned brands and the talent of our teams all form the basis of MAYOLY and are our key to a sustainable future.

With these foundations firmly in place, we aim with all MAYOLY teams to become a leading international player in Consumer Healthcare.

At the heart of everyday health, we care for everyone.

French expertise

A family story more than 100 years in the making.

Founded in 1909 by the pharmacist Louis-Charles Vernin, Laboratoires Galéniques Vernin originally produced herbal medicines for the Healthcare and Cosmetics industries.

In 1929, a pair of pharmacists created Laboratoires Mayoly Spindler.

In the years that followed, there were numerous product launches and events that can be grouped into 3 major periods:

1930 to 1982 saw the launch of Euphon®, Pérubore®, Borostyrol® and Baume Arôma®, followed by Methiospasmyl™ introduced in 1964 and Charlieu® shampoos. In addition, the acquisition of Laboratoires Mayoly Spindler by Jean-Marie Vernin took place in 1975.

1982 to 2008, with the creation of the Dammarie-les-Lys production site (in 1989), the acquisition of Laboratoires Galéniques Vernin, Rosa-Phytopharma and Opocalcium, not to mention the launch of the Topicrem® range in 1993. These were quickly followed by the acquisitions and launches of the Helikit®, Eurobiol®, Colchicine® and Colchimax® products, and the Probiolog® range launched in 2006.

From 2008 onwards, with the launch of Colokit® and Cholurso®, and with Jean-Nicolas Vernin succeeding his father Jean-Gilles Vernin. This period has experienced a shift towards Consumer Healthcare, with the development of the Probiolog® range and non-prescription (OTC) products, as well as numerous acquisitions including Biohealth®, BeauTerra®, and Pharmnature™. Furthermore, the acquisition of Ipsen’s family healthcare business complements and strengthens MAYOLY’s portfolio in the Digestive Health sector, notably with the Smecta® brand. It has also been a very strong period of international development for MAYOLY, which is now represented in 21 subsidiaries and markets its products in over 100 countries.

2021, acquisition of BioHealth® in Italy, a company specialising in the design and marketing of dietary supplements in the areas of metabolism and women’s health.
Acquisition of BeauTerra®, a cosmetic hygiene brand whose 70 product lines are produced in France, with an essentially online sales model.

2022, acquisition of Ipsen’s family healthcare business, which has a wide portfolio of medications, food supplements and medical devices in the Gastrointestinal field (for diarrhoea, constipation, and colonic preparation) and products in other therapeutic areas (such as painkillers, cognitive disorders, and coughs).
Acquisition of Pharmnature™, a Brittany-based company specialising in creating and marketing herbal food supplements produced using natural ingredients. MAYOLY is thus positioning itself in new markets through natural approaches to healthcare such as Phytotherapy and Oligotherapy.

An independent company

MAYOLY’s independence is a key performance driver. Mayoly displays a requirement for operational excellence in order to preserve its ability to finance its investments and geographical expansion. Shared by all teams, this independence is the lifeblood of the organisation and how decisions are made. We run the company to a time scale not limited to the month or the year but instead on generational terms. This vision allows us to focus on long-term development plans.

As part of the Ipsen CHC acquisition in 2022, Mayoly was able to count on the support of CAPZA and Caravelle.

MAYOLY’s manufacturing expertise has been recognised since 1909, and has continued to develop. With six plants, five of which are based in France, MAYOLY is a major French manufacturer. 86% of the products that MAYOLY sells worldwide are manufactured in our production sites, with a workforce of over 700 employees.

International development

The successes achieved in France, the company’s historic birthplace, have encouraged MAYOLY to pursue an ambitious global strategy. Over the last twenty years, Mayoly Spindler and/or its affiliated companies have forged partnerships in a number of countries. Subsidiaries have been opened in selected regions to boost local or regional promotional activity and distribution of the product portfolio.

In 1970, the Belgian subsidiary was the first to be set up due to its close proximity to France. The expansion continued in 2005, when the Mexican subsidiary was opened to provide coverage across the Latin American markets.

From 2011 onwards, the opening of subsidiaries intensified with the new operations in Russia and in Algeria, followed by Mayoly Spain in 2014, Germany, Italy, Belarus and Kazakhstan in 2017 and the United Kingdom in 2021.

The acquisition of Ipsen’s family healthcare business in 2022 enabled MAYOLY to significantly expand its presence in Eastern Europe, Asia and China, among others.

As a result of this expansion strategy, MAYOLY now generates over 65% of its sales through international markets.