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Our history


  • Creation of Laboratoires Galéniques Vernin by Louis-Charles Vernin
  • Laboratoires Galéniques Vernin (LGV) offers long-standing expertise in manufacturing for the Healthcare and Cosmetics industries. The lab manufactures and sells plant extracts for drug production, and also developed the famous Sucrettes® saccharin tablets used as a sugar substitute.
  • We can meet all your needs, including formulation and production of soft capsules for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, production of various pharmaceutical forms (suppositories, tablets, coated tablets, packets) and development and production of cosmetic products (body lotions, creams, shampoos, toners).


  • Creation of the Laboratoires Pharmaceutiques Mayoly Spindler.
  • Gaston Mayoly (born in 1891), a pharmacist in Paris, married a pharmacist, Ms. Spindler, and created Laboratoires Mayoly Spindler.


  • The production plant was located in Rueil-Malmaison. The company developed plant-based products (which they were already producing in their compounding pharmacy) that are still sold today, such as Aroma®, Euphon®, Borostyrol® and Perubore®.
  • The lab soon became famous for treating winter illnesses (flu, cough).


  • Creation of Laboratoires Nigy


  • Launch of Methiospasmyl®.
  • Renamed Meteospasmyl® in 1980.


  • Launch of Atepadene®.


  • Mayoly Spindler was bought out by Dr Jean-Marie Vernin, Pharmacist.
  • Steps taken to improve productivity and investments made in modern and efficient manufacturing equipment.


  • The volume of exports increased sharply.
  • Opening of the Mayoly Spindler subsidiary in Belgium.


  • Mayoly Spindler acquired the Charlieu brand products (pH5 cream, shaving cream, pharmacists soap, Pharma-Derme soap) and added them to the Laboratoire Nigy product portfolio, thus giving birth to the brand Nigy-Charlieu.
  • The new managers decided to quickly develop a dermatological product line of hair and body care.


  • Jean-Gilles Vernin succeeded his father as director and Head Pharmacist of Laboratoires Mayoly Spindler. A pharmacist by training, he had been working with his father since 1977 on marketing the Charlieu brand hair products.
  • An active and dynamic research team was in place a few years later.
  • Development of the Charlieu hair care line with Charlieu Ultra Gentle and Gelictar shampoos


  • Mayoly Spindler moved to Chatou in the Yvelines after building the new headquarters and the adjoining factory.
  • Construction of a production site (LGV) of more than 8000 m2 (in Dammarie-les-Lys near Paris) dedicated to pharmaceutical manufacturing of dry forms (tablets, coated tablets, packets) and suppositories.
  • Launch of the cream Topic 10: first launch of a moisturizing product


  • Launch of PV treatment gel and Gelictar Strong and start-up of the pharmaceutical promotion activity


  • Launch of Charlieu Integral Gel, a 2-in1 shampoo and shower gel.


  • Mayoly Spindler acquired Laboratoires Galéniques Vernin, founded in 1909 by the great-grandfather of Jean-Gilles Vernin. They joined Mayoly Spindler as a production unit specializing in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  • That same year, Mayoly Spindler won the Technological Innovation Award for the research program on AIDS.


  • Mayoly Spindler acquired Laboratoires Rosa Phytopharma.
  • Launch of Charlieu lice shampoo.
  • Birth of Topicrem Moisturizing Emulsion (under the brand Charlieu) and development of the Topicrem moisturizing range: Topicrem spray, Topicrem face


  • Launch of the Topicrem brand. First move into dermocosmetics


  • Mayoly Spindler acquired Laboratoires de l’Opocalcium and obtained from the French government the exclusive right to manufacture methadone in France.
  • Launch of Calcidose® D and Calcidose® 500.


  • Creation of a new production unit (in Dammarie-les-Lys) of 1000 m2 dedicated to the development and production of soft capsules.
  • LGV Capsules joins the small circle of manufacturers in this important industry.


  • Helikit® is launched, and was first marketed in hospitals in 2001.
  • The prize for International Promotion of Pharmaceutical Research is awarded to Mayoly Spindler by Hubert Curien, Minister of Research for the research program on prions.


  • Launching of Pepsane®.


  • Acquisition of Eurobiol®.


  • Acquisition of Colchicine® and Colchimax®.


  • Launch of Colchicine® and Colchimax®.
  • Launch of MeteoSpasmyl® in Mexico.
  • Topicrem celebrates its 10th anniversary and launches Topicrem 1 litre bottle


  • Launch of Oscart®.
  • Acquisition of Nabucox®.
  • Opening of the Mayoly Spindler subsidiary in Mexico.
  • A new Industrial Cosmetics unit of over 2500 m2 was established (LGV Cosmetics).


  • Launch of Probiolog®, Prosoft® and Nabucox® 500.
  • Atepadene®, Baume Aroma®, Bronchorectine® and Pepsane® no longer reimbursed by Social Security in France.


  • Jean-Nicolas Vernin succeeded his father Jean-Gilles Vernin.
  • Mayoly Spindler is still an independent family-run French pharmaceutical company today.
  • More than one million boxes of MeteoSpasmyl® sold in one month.


  • This year, Laboratoires Galéniques Vernin celebrated their 100th anniversary and Mayoly Spindler their 80th anniversary, with their 470 employees.


  • Launch of Colokit®.


  • Opening of the subsidiary OOO Mayoly Spindler Moscow in Russia.
  • Opening Promomed, Mayoly Spindler office in Algeria.


  • Opening of the Mayoly Spindler subsidiary in Brazil.
  • Launch of Cholurso®.


  • Launch of Mikicort®, Inipepsia® and Glycerine Suppositories by Mayoly Spindler.
  • Signature of a partnership with Ipsen.
  • Opening of Nigy OOO in Russia.


  • Opening of the Mayoly Spindler subsidiary in Spain by acquiring the dermatological range of Laboratoires Thea.
  • Stéphane Thiroloix joined Mayoly Spindler as Managing Director.
  • Launch of Euphonyll® Sore Throat and Probiolog® Strong.
  • For the first time in their history, Mayoly Spindler obtained European Marketing Authorisations.
  • Sale of Nabucox®.


  • Launch of the range of Arôma® reusable thermal packs.
  • Launch of Probiolog® Children-Infants.
  • Launch of the Topicrem AC product line.


  • Launch of MegamagOne.
  • Launch of Nauziaphyto.


  • Mayoly Italia s.r.l : New subsidiary in Milano managed by the Dr. Brenno Canovi
  • Creation of two new subsidiaries : Kazakhstan and Belarus
  • Participation in the European New Deal Project
  • Launch of Probiolog Fibre, new reference in the Probiolog range
  • Sponsoring the Vogue avec un Crohn project for the Solitaire du Figaro race 2018


  • Launch of MELA Ultra Moisturizing Lightening Milk Topicrem
  • 17th edition of the AGA (American Gastroenterology Association) à la Française around 5 themes: upper and lower digestive tract, upper and lower endoscopy, pancreas and bile ducts, inflammatory bowel diseases, microbiota, Hp and probiotics.
  • Mayoly Spindler entrusts the transition mission of the General Management of its Laboratories to Claude BRUNET, member of the Supervisory Board
  • Vogue With a Crohn: End of the 2018 Solitaire adventure for Pierre-Louis ATTWELL, a young skipper suffering from Crohn’s disease supported by our Laboratories to achieve this sporting and human challenge
  • Launch of the 1st Job Academy, promotion “L’envol”, with FACE Yvelines
  • Pink October 2018: Topicrem is committed to the association Vivre Comme Avant
  • Positive results of the cost-effectiveness study of the “Test and Treat” strategy for the management of patients infected with Helicobacter pylori (Hp)
  • 2nd edition of the Academy of Probiotics


  • Acquisition of BioHealth® in Italy, a company specialising in the design and marketing of dietary supplements in the areas of metabolism and women’s health.
  • Acquisition of BeauTerra®, a cosmetic hygiene brand whose 70 product lines are produced in France, with an essentially online sales model.


  • Acquisition of Ipsen’s family healthcare business, which has a wide portfolio of medications, food supplements and medical devices in the Gastrointestinal field (for diarrhoea, constipation, and colonic preparation) and products in other therapeutic areas (such as painkillers, cognitive disorders, and coughs).
  • Acquisition of Pharmnature™, a Brittany-based company specialising in creating and marketing herbal food supplements produced using natural ingredients. MAYOLY is thus positioning itself in new markets through natural approaches to healthcare such as Phytotherapy and Oligotherapy.


  • New headquarter in Rueil Malmaison (France)